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31 January 2024

Hampshire IBA v Surrey CIBA at Palmerston

Leading by 8 shots against Surrey after the first 10 ends changed to a 24 shot deficit in the next three.

Hampshire continued to leak shots to finally lose by 107-164

Three players received their colts badges - Barry Eggington and Harry Grainger of Loddon Vale and Neil Woodward of Atherley

Hampshire’s only winning rink, 26-11 was the Executive rink of Neil Roderick, John Kellow, Bill Jackson and Derrick Fulker

25 January 2024

Hampshire v Kent Tourists

This 5 rink match against Kent resulted in a convincing win by 43 shots, (68-111), to the strong touring side. Hampshire’s quest was not helped by two players failing to turn up from Banister Park

East Dorset, who hosted the game, with their fantastic new lighting, laid on an excellent meal for the teams and visitors. The home club, in the shape of Martin Mortimore, Bill Merritt, Dave Morrison and Bob Sprules provided our only winning rink. Martin Mortimore was awarded his Colt’s badge

17 January 2024

Hampshire Men v HCWIBA

The men retained the trophy with a comfortable win 147 shots against 98. Our top rink was Ken Locke, Geoff Jessup, Rob Oliver and Bill Jackson, who led 10-7 after 12 ends but then put their foot down by winning 32-9

Colts badges were awarded to Mel Nancarrow, Mike Clements and Roger Somerset all from Victory IBC. After playing the required 2 years, with at least two away games, congratulations go to Graham Sampson from Chawton Park, who received his County badge, having played in 21 games during the required period

11 January 2024

County Championships

The draws for all County Championships have been added to the website

07 January 2024

County Friendly v Berkshire

In a game where the overall score had Hampshire winning by almost 30 shots for much of the match, they won 3.5 rinks to 2.5. However, going into the final end of the final rink to finish the lead had been cut to a single shot. Hampshire lost the end to lose the match 120 - 123


We welcomed Nick Rogers from Longmeadow who received his colts badge. Congratulations to the top rink from Chawton Park and comprising Jim Bellis, Phil Wood, Graham Sampson and Gary M Johnson

17 December 2023

National Under 25 Double Rink v Sussex

Hampshire Under 25’s had a good win yesterday beating Sussex Under 25’s

It was a close game,  we had a bit of a wobble from the 9th end to the 17th but came good in the final 3 ends on both rinks to win with a score of Sussex 36 Hampshire 42

Sussex                  Hampshire

   2            5 ends     14

  11         10 ends     21

  23         15 ends     24

  34         18 ends     28

  36         21 ends     42

The next round is the Quarter Final on Sunday 11 February 2024 when we face the winners of Essex or Kent

County Friendly v London Scottish BA

The county again met our friends from the London Scottish Bowling Association led by their retiring President Bill Dickie. In a match where Hampshire got away to an early lead, 5 of the rinks were within 4 shots of each other after 18 ends. However, the home club rink of Geoff Topp, Aki Atkins, David Cooper and John Blair won by 30 shots to 7, giving the county an overall victory score 120-89

County President, John Kellow, awarded a colts badge to Roger Jones of New Milton and a 25 game flash was given to Geoff Jessup of Banister Park

Seasons Greetings to all

16 December 2023

Liberty Trophy Team v Somerset

Hampshire took centre stage against Somerset today in the Liberty Trophy

Looking at the stars Somerset had out playing, the Hampshire men knew this was going to be a very difficult game to win

Hampshire absolutely flew out the blocks with a healthy lead at 5 ends, the consistency of all the Hampshire players were top notch with all 6 rinks playing as a team which lead to the healthy lead continuing right through the game

A fantastic result for Hampshire winning 130-111. Many congratulations to the whole squad in what was the game of the season! In the next round we will face Devon in the quarter final on Saturday 13 January 2024

Scores are as follows -

5 ends

A. Clark 10 - 6 P. Martin

L. May 4 - 6 J. Amery

D. Smith 4 - 5 A. Colebrook

A. White 9 - 0 G. Shadwell

M. Wise 4 - 3 L. Rideout

G. Starks 5 - 3 R. Francis

10 ends

A. Clark 13 - 13 P. Martin

L. May 11 - 7 J. Amery

D. Smith 8 - 11 A. Colebrook

A. White 14 - 3 G. Shadwell

M. Wise 6 - 6 L. Rideout

G. Starks 9 - 5 R. Francis

15 ends

A. Clark 19 - 17 P. Martin

L. May 13 - 13 J. Amery

D. Smith 9 - 16 A. Colebrook

A. White 19 - 11 G. Shadwell

M. Wise 15 - 8 L. Rideout

G. Starks 15 - 9 R. Francis

18 ends

A. Clark 20 - 24 P. Martin

L. May 17 - 17 J. Amery

D. Smith 16 - 16 A. Colebrook

A. White 22 - 17 G. Shadwell

M. Wise 21 - 9 L. Rideout

G. Starks 17 - 11 R. Francis

21 ends & final score

A. Clark 24 - 25 P. Martin

L. May 24 - 17 J. Amery

D. Smith 16 - 22 A. Colebrook

A. White 22 - 21 G. Shadwell

M. Wise 22 - 14 L. Rideout

G. Starks 22 - 12 R. Francis

Overall scores -

5 ends 36-23 up

10 ends 61-45 up

15 ends 90-74 up

18 ends 113-94 up

21 ends 130-111 Win

26 November 2023

County Friendly v Dorset

In a very competitive match at Atherley, Dorset got revenge for their defeat in the Don Gough Trophy match, winning by one shot (121 - 120), after Hampshire had to lose 25% on one rink’s score due to being a player short. Hampshire’s top rink was from Palmerston and Chawton Park with players Brian Shakespear (P), David Webb (P), Phil Wood (CP) and Peter Sanders (P)

David Webb and David Thurgood (CP) were presented with their colts badges and it was also great to see Bill Jackson presented with a flash following completion of 100 games for the County

21 November 2023

Over 60’s v Sussex

Our Over 60’s campaign got underway today against a Sussex side that looked very strong across the board. Hampshire men took to the stage and after 10 ends we knew that in order to win we were going to have to dig very deep and not allow the 2 hour syndrome to kick in!

Without any warning a little magic from 2 rinks that were skipped by Mick Barrett and Adrian Ash gave Hampshire one hell of a boost but the other 4 rinks still had to keep the Sussex boys under wraps and they did …. with a winning margin of over 20 shots. Congratulations to all involved, an incredible game to watch and be a part of

Hampshire take on Devon next, on Tuesday 16 January. Team details will be published on the website

Adam White

15 November 2023

County Friendly vs Sussex

The second County Friendly of the season saw us host Sussex at Victory today. In a very close match unfortunately Hampshire lost the match by just 4 shots in a 102 - 106 defeat

The Top rink was the Atherley four of Peter Scannell, John Gunson, Steve Saunders and Kevin Smith who won by 28 shots to 7

31 October 2023

Over 60’s Team

The players selected for the opening match in the Over 60’s Inter County Competition has been added to the website

29 October 2023

County Friendly vs Dorset

Hampshire had not won against Dorset for 4 years before travelling to Dolphin IBC today. Winning on 4 rinks we secured a welcome win by 129 shots to 107

Executive Rink was Nigel Bechelet, Neil Calderwood, Bill Jackson, John Kellow 22 - 15

Rodger Somerset, Mike Clements, Reid Wilcockson, Vic Phipps 18 - 22

Nick Anderson, Aki Atkins, Graham Sampson, Gary M Johnson 36 - 12 (Top rink)

Kevin Goode, Mike Watts ,Dave Webb, Peter Sanders 12 - 30

Peter Scannell, Mario Spring, Steve Saunders, John Gunson 19 - 15

John Towner, Tony Banks, Alan Taylor, Colin Stokes 22 - 13

We awarded Colts Badges to Neil Calderwood of Banister Park, Tony Banks of New Milton, Mike Watts and Rodger Somerset of Victory as well as 25 Game Flashes to Vic Phipps of Victory and Peter Sanders of Longmeadow

A Brilliant Win For Hampshire - well Done to all players

28 October 2023

Liberty Trophy Team v Berkshire

Hampshire faced Berkshire in the first round of the Liberty Trophy this morning with a handful of people making their debut games and did not disappoint, with Hampshire men starting off very strongly. The overall score was a very nice cushion because when Berkshire made their comeback and got within 2 shots but Hampshire used the last quarter of the game to press on and get the job done

Hampshire will now meet Somerset in the next round on Saturday 16 December at Dorchester IBC. Congratulations to all involved, and looking forward to what will be a tough game just before Christmas

Scores are as follows:

Rink scores - 5 ends

G. Starks 9-2 M. Woodley

A. Clark 4-4 M. Knight

C. Kane 4-5 A. Symondson

D. Smith 4-3 S. Jones

S. Rowney 7-3 C. Cadman

M. Wise 4-7 K. Scrace

10 ends -

G. Starks 17-2 M. Woodley

A. Clark 8-6 M. Knigh

C. Kane 9-7 A. Symondson

D. Smith 14-5 S. Jones

S. Rowney 9-6 C. Cadman

M. Wise 7-12 K. Scrace

15 ends -

G. Starks 21-5 M. Woodley

A. Clark 11-11 M. Knight

C. Kane 9-16 A. Symondson

D. Smith 19-8 S. Jones

S. Rowney 13-10 C. Cadman

M. Wise 8-23 K. Scrace

18 ends -

G. Starks 25-5 M. Woodley

A. Clark 20-11 M. Knight

C. Kane 10-19 A. Symondson

D. Smith 22-13 S. Jones

S. Rowney 14-14 C. Cadman

M. Wise 11-26 K. Scrace

21 ends -

G. Starks 26-8 M. Woodley

A. Clark 23-12 M. Knight

C. Kane 10-25 A. Symondson

D. Smith 25-15 S. Jones

S. Rowney 15-18 C. Cadman

M. Wise 16-26 K. Scrace

Overall scores -

5 ends - 33-22 up

10 ends - 64-38 up

15 ends - 81-73 up

18 ends - 102-88 up

21 ends - 115-104 win

Adam White

Hampshire Team Manager

18 October 2023

Liberty Trophy Team

The players selected for the opening match in the Liberty Trophy has been added to the website

27 September 2023

Team Trials

The names selected for the Liberty Trophy and Over 60’s Inter County teams have been uploaded to the relevant pages