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20 March 2020

Inter Club League

Congratulations to Banister Park who retain the Bramley Bowl and to Chawton Park who win the Trisham Trophy as runners-up

15 March 2020

Competition Finals

The semi finals of the county competitions will be completed today and the results published tomorrow, however with regret and in accordance with the guidelines published by the EIBA on 13 March 2020, it has been decided to postpone all County Finals which were due to be held at Palmerston on Saturday 21 March. These will be rearranged and played probably on 26 September

The overriding concern is for the health and welfare of the bowlers, volunteers, administrators and spectators who would attend these finals.

Stay safe and healthy

Bill Jackson

HIBA Competition Secretary

15 March 2020

County Friendlies

In view of the Coronavirus issue, Chippenham IBC has closed for the remainder of the season, which means that our County Friendly against Wiltshire CIBA on Wednesday 25 March has been cancelled

Similarly the match against Kent CIBA on Wednesday 18 March at Banister Park IBC has been cancelled

14 March 2020

Andy Jemmett RIP

It is with great sadness that we advise the passing of Andy Jemmett of Banister Park. Andy was a tremendous supporter of Hampshire Patrons. The Funeral is on Tuesday 31 March at 12.15pm at Wessex Vale Crematorium, Bubbs Lane, West End, Southampton, SO30 2HL followed by the wake at Pear Tree Inn, Boorley Green, Winchester Road, Southampton, SO32 2DH

23 February 2020

Home Counties Senior League v Surrey CIBA

Hampshire went into this game needing nearly a miracle to progress to the final. We started very strongly and set the pace of the scoreboards but unfortunately it was not good enough to reach the final but all 24 players gave it their all in what was a fantastic game of bowls

There were quite a few people making their senior debut today and to perform like that with all the match nerves etc was fascinating to watch, the stand out rink of the day goes to Luke Bell, Jeff Passmore, Brian Baxendale and Austin Coleman who pulled off a sensational 30-8 win. Congratulations gentlemen and certainly gives the manager something to think about. Hampshire has an incredible future ahead

Rink scores -

N Bechelet 22 - 16 M Tuck

J Biggs 9 - 18 J Clarke

A Coleman 30 - 8 S Shanley

A White 19 - 24 I Ross

T Morgan 17 - 28 P Coleman

G Lovett 20 - 20 A Binns

Overall scores -

5 ends 38-18 up

10 ends 71-50 up

15 ends 93-77 up

18 ends 108-96 up

21 ends 117-114 win

Congratulations Surrey and good luck in the final

18 February 2020

Over 60 Inter-County Semi final v Kent CIBA

A terrific start by the Hampshire home rinks saw Kent a little bit dazzled at Palmerston and with the away rinks trying to keep it tight Hampshire were looking good

Unfortunately Kent got better and better and at 15 ends it was still anybody’s game with Hampshire being 7 down overall but Kent saw the game out extremely well and came off victorious by 15 shots

A good run for Hampshire with a strong squad that will improve each year!

Rink scores -

M Barrett 20 - 11 R Herridge

D Fulker 15 - 27 G Standley

S Rice 23 - 10 W Crittle

S Filippi 12 - 28 B Shields

B Starks 14 - 18 D Ferguson

C Thresher 19 - 24 G Charlton

Overall scores -

5 ends 34-26 up

10 ends 56-53 up

15 ends 80-87 down

18 ends 90-105 down

21 ends 103-118 loss

All the best to Kent in the final

09 February 2020

Home Counties Senior League v Sussex CIBA

Hampshire had a tough start to the Home Counties campaign with Sussex dominating immediately, sadly only winning on 1 rink meant the overall was beyond reach but not all over as still have to play Surrey next. However was not all doom and gloom, there was some great bowling by Hampshire with a lot of positives for the manager to take away

The winning rink was Colin Haynes, Bob Curtis, Mike Squires and captain Martin Wise. Congratulations gentlemen.

The rink from Riverside did exceptionally well to hold a full liberty rink from Sussex to a 5 shot loss and was also a highlight to remember. Mike Asher, Jim Tarrant, Brian Baxendale and Robin Waller

Just a final congratulations to all Hampshire players who never gave up, gave 100% right until the end

Final rink scores -

G Carter 16 - 25 M Patching

M Barrett 9 - 36 M Petingel

B Stafford 9 - 23 J Frew

S Rice 9 - 37 T Honnor

R Waller 14 - 19 A Paine

M Wise 19 - 16 B Butler

Overall scores -

5 ends 21-38 down

10 ends 42-72 down

15 ends 53-120 down

18 ends 66-137 down

21 ends 76-156 loss

21 January 2020

Over 60 Inter-County Quarter Final v Cornwall CIBA

Hampshire Over 60’s found themselves stunned as Cornwall started on fire!! Just 2 ends in the overall score read 7 - 20 to Cornwall, thankfully the Hampshire star’s retaliated immediately. The fighting spirit in the next 3 ends was simply magical, Not only to compete with Cornwall’s rapid start but to be winning at 5 ends 32-30 was breathtaking.

Fantastic bowling by both counties for the first half of the game however Hampshire just kept on going up the gears and proved a little too much for the Cornwall men

A semi final tie against Kent is on Tuesday 18 February 2020

Final rink scores -

P Ward 22 - 23 K Corris

S Rice 29 - 23 B James

B Starks 24 - 17 P King

M Barrett 19 - 25 D Drew

C Thresher 21 - 17 A Hawke

S Filippi 27 - 18 N Laity

Overall scores -

2 ends 7-20 down

5 ends 32-30 up

10 ends 62-64 down

15 ends 103-88 up

18 ends 124-107 up

21 ends 142-123 win

Congratulations to the whole squad

11 January 2020

Liberty Trophy Quarter Final v Sussex CIBA

Hampshire just losing out on what would have been the comeback of the century!

After a slow start Hampshire fell well behind so at 10 ends it was time to battle even harder and what an effort from the Hampshire players. True grit and determination nearly achieved a result but Sussex managed to hold on well at the end

Congratulations to both sets of players on what was a good competitive game

We wish Sussex all the best in the semi finals

Final rink scores -

A White 20 - 19 M Strong

C Thresher 21 - 19 P Gandey

M Barrett 11 - 28 R Morphett

M Wise 17 - 15 S Pettingel

G Carter 15 - 21 K Carrie

B Starks 19 - 13 A Paine

Overall scores -

5 ends 31-15 down

10 ends 67-35 down

15 ends 89-67 down

18 ends 103-86 down

21 ends 115-103 loss

14 December 2019

Liberty Trophy Last 16 Round v Middlesex CIBA

Hampshire absolutely storms into the quarter final of Liberty Trophy

4 of the 6 Hampshire rinks started in 5th gear.... at 5 ends the Hampshire men had something to say and show -

M Wise 9 - 0 up

C Thresher 9 - 3 up

N Beeson 11 - 0 up

B Starks 11 - 1 up

What a start and we continued this rapid pace until 10 ends, from then on in it was all about seeing the next few ends out to keep Middlesex away from coming close to the overall score line. An amazing performance

Final Rink scores:

M Wise 28 - 9 S Gibson 19 ends

C Thresher 17 - 14 D Pitt 16 ends

N Beeson 20 - 12 P Cater 17 ends

B Starks 36 - 15 A Harman 21 ends

A White 14 - 17 N Edwards 17 ends

S Rowney 12 - 14 P Fuller 17 ends

Overall scores

5 ends 50 - 11 up

10 ends 80 - 39 up

15 ends 119 - 62 up

127 - 81 win when Middlesex called it a day

Hampshire now play away to Sussex on 11 January 2020 for a place in the semi finals. Congratulations to everyone involved in which could only be described as spectacular!

01 December 2019

Home Counties IBA Finals

The Home Counties Semi-Finals and Finals were held at Chawton Park today

Those attending were to enjoy some extremely high quality bowling, particularly in both the singles semi-finals and final, which was eventually won by John McGuinness of Berkshire, who beat Ian Jenkins of Surrey 21-18 having come from 18-15 down

In the pairs Hampshire representatives were beaten in the semi-finals by Hertfordshire who went on to lose the final to Berkshire 8-21

The Triples final was between Berkshire and Middlesex with the former winning 21-13

The final of the fours saw our Hampshire representatives from Victory, Tom Pullin, Mike Leeson, Terry Smith and Adrian Ash playing Sussex. Hampshire built up a lead of 9-5 after 9 ends but found themselves behind 10-19 after 15 ends. Going into the last end the deficit had been reduced to just 2 shots at 18-20. Tom drew two woods very close to hold the shots only for the Sussex number two to draw between the woods and push the jack back and hold one. Terry responded by drawing shot with his first bowl and left Adrian to draw the closest two wood to give them and the County victory 21-20 - John Kellow, Home Counties President 2019-2020

19 November 2019

Over 60 Inter-County Last 16 Round v Somerset CIBA

This was always going to be a tough game. The 3 away rinks at Bristol got a tough start in the first 5 ends with players knuckling down to the pace of the carpet but finding themselves 17-5 down, then the call from victory with the 3 rinks at home being 21-5 up, that was the boost everyone needed and never looked back

The Away rinks  fought very hard to only be 10 shots adrift for the majority of the game. The Home rinks basically shut the door from end 1. With an overall score at home of 71 plays 34 was incredible. Each game we play the squad is rotating and players are stepping up to the mark. Although the overall scores were tight each time Hampshire showed their experience and class to get the overall done by 19 shots and 2 ends to spare on Somerset’s lowest scoring rink

We now march on into the quarter finals with a tie against Cornwall on Tuesday 21 January 2020

Rink scores - Home

M Barrett 18 - 8 B Force

D Morgan 23 - 16 W Anderson

B Starks 30 - 10 K Bailey


A Ash 14 - 19 J Couch

S Rice 8 - 19 E Seavill

P Ward 18 - 20 D McGovern

Overall scores -

5 ends 26-22 up

10 ends 53-46 up

15 ends 79-64 up

18 ends 92-76 up

21 ends 111-92 win

Can I take this opportunity to remind all of the squad that the team can change each round and those that are travelling reserves have every chance in getting a game as well as players playing again once being dropped to travelling reserve - Adam White, Team Manager

26 October 2019

Liberty Trophy Round 1 v Berkshire CIBA

Hampshire men had an extremely tough task taking on Berkshire in the Liberty, one look at Berkshire’s team was more than enough for anyone!!! However, Hampshire took to the green with belief, talent and hunger and guess what.... all square overall with one end to play, it could only be the captain Martyn Wise’s rink to bring home the 1 shot needed for a magnificent win. Hampshire march on with a home game against Middlesex next

Rink scores -

B Starks 17 - 18 C Hitt

J Biggs 9 - 26 R Newman

M Wise 23 - 16 S Jones

G Starks 14 - 21 J McGuinness

S Rowney 23 - 13 BJ Byles

A White 22 - 13 A Knapper

Overall scores -

5 ends 22-21 up

10 ends 49-45 up

15 ends 75-67 up

18 ends 87-85 up

21 ends 108-107 win

22 October 2019

Over 60 Inter-County Round 1 v Berkshire CIBA

After a slow start by Hampshire we found ourselves 23-38 behind at 5 ends with the rink of D Watts, P Lawson,
J Farmer and C Thresher yet to get on the scoreboard being 0 - 9 down. Hampshire would not lay down and fought hard to stay in the game against a strong Berkshire side, and at 10 ends we were 59 - 66 behind with all 6 rinks starting to get momentum. At 15 ends into the game its 89 - 89 with C Thresher’s rink now 15 - 11 up - what a come back!

Hampshire pushed hard, the 3 rinks away at Desborough could only keep it as tight as possible, whilst the 3 rinks at Chawton took full advantage and in the last quarter of the game, from 15 ends onwards the rink of R Holden,

T Farrington, B Ross and D Morgan claimed 10 shots without reply whilst the rink of R Hutchinson, B Jackson,

P Gentry and M Barrett claimed 13 shots to 3 to secure an 8 shot overall win!

Congratulations to the whole squad. In the second round we will play the winners of Devon or Somerset

Rink scores -

C Thresher 16 - 20 L Essex

B Starks 16 - 26 M Fraser

P Ward 12 - 22 D Simpson

D Morgan 23 - 11 D Parsonson

S Rice 23 - 21 M Chant

M Barrett 36 - 18 D Christie

Overall scores -

5 ends 23-38 down

10 ends 59-66 down

15 ends 89-89

18 ends 110-106 up

21 ends 126-118 win

29 September 2019

Home Counties IBA

Congratulations to John Kellow of Chawton Park who was appointed President of the Home Counties IBA today

30 July 2019

Bob Kirton RIP

It is with much sadness that we have to report the passing of Bob Kirton of Banister Park, who was County President in 2004-5. Unfortunately we were not made aware until now and the funeral was last week but our thoughts are with the family at this time  

07 April 2019

Home Counties League Final

Hampshire travelled to Century IBC in Wembley with high hopes to play in the Home Counties League Final today

This was the first time that Hampshire had reached this final

On this occasion, the Middlesex side proved too strong for Hampshire by winning on four rinks with a total score of 127:109

This was to be the last match with Adrian Snook as Team Manager. Unfortunately Adrian was ill and unable to attend, but we are very grateful to him for carrying out the role for 6 seasons with some notable successes

06 April 2019

County Final’s Day

The Matches in the morning played at Palmerston IBC today produced some convincing wins

The Victory Four of Dale Evers, Mike Leeson, Terry Smith and Adrian Ash got off to a fast start and

after 7 ends were leading 15:2. The next 8 ends were shared at 7 each. So the Victory Four won the

Fours final by 22:9 against the Loddon Vale Four of Jeff White, John Holmes, Ashley Nethercliffe and

Gary Lovett

The Triples was a similar story, this time the Cummins brothers, Alan, Chris and Pete from Banister

Park, after 9 ends were leading 15:3, but they continued in the same vein and won comfortably 24:7

against the Palmerston Triple of Ian Stafford, his son Barry Stafford and Colin Jackson

The Pairs result was in doubt for a long time. After 9 ends the score was 8 each. After 14 ends the

Atherley pair of Martin Wise and Wayne Stewart were still in the game, only 3 down. The Chawton

Park duo of Barry Smith and Nathan Beeson finished strongly to win by 20:10

The afternoon brought us firstly a convincing win by Ashley Nethercliffe of Loddon Vale against

Danny Smith of Victory by 21:6. This is the fifth time that Ashley has won the Under 25 Singles


Following that, there was a real battle for the County Singles Championship. The match was tied at

10 each after 12 ends. After that Russell Gadd of Palmerston just inched ahead and stayed ahead but

after 18 ends he was still only 3 shots clear. David Bines of Atherley kept up the pressure, but Russell

kept his grip on the match and managed to win 21:16. Over the years, Russell has been in three

County Singles Finals before successfully gaining the Championship at this fourth attempt

The match of the day was the Mixed Pairs final. The Palmerston pair of Tracy and Tony Farrington

were playing against the more experienced Chawton Park pair of Margaret Holden and Adam White.

Although the ends were shared, as they won 8 ends each, some remarkable conversion shots from

Tracy made all the difference. The Farringtons scored three fours and two threes for a terrific win

against the strongest of opposition 21:10

The Over 60’s 2 wood Triples Final between two Victory teams was played on 4 April as some of the

players were involved in EIBA finals at Nottingham on 6 April. The match was a classic, both teams

playing well and after 17 ends the match was tied. Dave Watts, Dale Evers and Adrian Ash gained the

crucial shot on the last end to win 16:15 against Charlie Bailey, Len Reeves and Barry Starks

Thank you to Palmerston IBC for hosting the event and to the supporters and spectators for

attending to help make this a special occasion for the players

Bill Jackson

HIBA Competition Secretary

28 March 2019

After some very close semi finals, the finalists of the County Competitions are now known, apart from the Mixed pairs, where there has been an injury and that match postponed to 1 April. Update: Unfortunately Gary Johnson remains injured. We wish him a speedy recovery. The semi-final scheduled for 1 April cannot be played, which means that Tracy and Tony Farrington are through to the final of the County Mixed Pairs

The finals will be held at Palmerston IBC on Saturday 6 April. Lunches and snacks will be available. Come and support your team. The schedule has now been published

27 March 2019

The final match of the season was against Wiltshire at Banister Park. Hampshire produced a convincing win by 43 shots by 149 to Wiltshire’s 106. The top rink was the team from Palmerston consisting of Martin Johnson, Neil Roderick, Jeff Passmore and Dave Heather. Reid Wilcockson was presented his county badge after playing his first game in 2004

Thank you to all the club members and delegates for supporting these games throughout the season

Hampshire played 12 games, won 7 and lost 5; a very good season thank you

The fixtures for next season are being arranged and compiled and will be published during the summer break

23 March 2019

The final match of the season in the county inter club league resulted in a convincing win by Loddon Vale over Riverside. The 9 points gained by Loddon Vale meant that they passed Palmerston, East Dorset and Chawton Park to sneak into second place 1.5 points behind Banister Park

Banister Park have won the Bramley Bowl and Loddon Vale the Trisham Trophy

21 March 2019

Prior to this match Kent had not lost a game. This all changed with a win for Hampshire by 4 shots - 119 to Kent’s 115. This match could have gone any way, with the final end of the final game Hampshire led by 2 shots

The top rink was a team from Chawton Park of Danny Nolan, Geoff Topp, John Kellow and Derek Ham. Our President was awarded with his 100 game flash and Chas Swift his county badge

Our final fixture is against Wiltshire on the 27 March at Banister Park IBC

17 March 2019

The latest Bramley Bowl League table has been updated and there remains one match in the County Inter Club league which will be played next week between Loddon Vale and Riverside

Congratulations to Banister Park have now won the Bramley Bowl

The Trisham Trophy will be awarded for second place and Loddon Vale need 6.5 points to secure that ahead of Chawton Park. I think the new scoring system has worked very well and given more relevance to each venue's result. A good result also means rapid progress up the league as illustrated by the final match to come. A 10-0 result for Loddon Vale would move them from 5th to second half a point behind the winners. A 10-0 result for Riverside would move them from 8th to 5th, ahead of Loddon Vale

16 March 2019

Please note that we have had to change the Competition Final’s Date to Saturday 6 April as Hampshire has qualified for the final of the Home Counties League for the first time in its history

10 March 2019

Hampshire travelled to Kempston Park IBC this afternoon to play Bedfordshire and came away with a good win of 114 to Bedfordshire’s 95. Hampshire looked in control all the way through the match with positive wins on 3 rinks

The top rink of 22 to 14, was a team complied from Palmerston and Victory; Kevin Goode, Stuart Read, Jeff Passmore and Brian Hopkins

A Colt badge was awarded to Robin Waller of Riverside and County badge to Steve Devonshire of Loddon Vale

04 March 2019

The funeral of Bill Young of Chawton Park will take place at Basingstoke Crematorium on Thursday 7 March at 10.15am Bill was a big supporter of the County having played over 50 full matches and over 100 matches for the Patrons. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time

19 February 2019

This afternoon HIBA played Middlesex at Chawton Park and it was a very entertaining game. Hampshire took an 11 shot lead at 5 ends and for the next 12 ends the Hampshire lead fluctuated from 2 to 10. The last few ends saw Hampshire consolidate the win by 16 shots (118 to 102)

We had a top rink of 35 to 6, with the team from Riverside and the HIBA President - Chas Swift, Mark Gorman, Ernie Chase and Bill Jackson. A County badge was awarded to Vic Phipps of Victory

10 February 2019

Our Senior Home Counties team defeated Sussex today at Chawton Park, winning by
138 shots to 94. As a result of winning both league matches, we qualify for the final against Middlesex CIBA to be played at Central IBC, Wembley at 10.00am on Sunday 7 April 2019

06 February 2019

Hampshire entertained Surrey today at Palmerston IBC. This fixture is always a tough match for us and this was the case as Hampshire lost 100 to 147

We had a top rink, with the team from Palmerston of Jeff Passmore, Tony Jennings, Bill Noble and Brian Hopkins. Colts badges went to Kevin Holland of New Milton and John Mathews of Banister plus Nigel Bechelet of Longmeadow receiving his 25 games flash

20 January 2019

Hampshire suffered a defeat against a Berkshire side who are still going strong in the Liberty Trophy. A close match up to the halfway stage ended in an away victory by 41 shots, (85-126)

Top rink for Hampshire was the Riverside rink, Brian Whitear, Ralph Flint, Bill Lucas-Brown and Ernie Scase. Three players, Ashley North, (Banister Park), Ralph Frost, (Banister Park) and Bruce Kirkham, (Palmerston) received their colts badges from President Bill Jackson

18 January 2019

The draws for all County Championships have been made and uploaded to the relevant pages

23 December 2018

Unfortunately our Under 25 Double Rink team lost to Kent this morning. Despite winning on the away rink at Ashford by 20 shots to 12, the home rink were beaten by 12 shots to 20 resulting in an overall 3 shot defeat

16 December 2018

The final fixture of the year was played against London Scottish today at Chawton Park. Hampshire won convincingly by 37 shots overall by 133 shots to 96

The top Hampshire rink, with a score of 30 - 14, was the executive rink of Brian Hopkins, Stuart Logan, John Kellow and Nigel Bechelet. Congratulations to Les Pycroft OBE of Victory who was presented with a 75 games played flash. Colts badges were awarded to Stuart Read of Victory and John Hardy of New Milton. Our first fixture of 2019 is against Dorset at Atherley IBC on Sunday 6 January at 2pm

15 December 2018

In our first match in this season’s Liberty Trophy we were defeated by Berkshire today by 108 shots to 140

09 December 2018

Hampshire travelled to Taunton Deane to play Somerset today

Our commitment to fulfil 6 rinks was in doubt up until the morning of the match but thank you to all for playing, especially the ones that came in at the last minute

Unfortunately, Hampshire were defeated by 30 shots overall, by 106 shots to 136, but Hampshire won on one rink, with a score of 27 - 14. They were the Palmerston rink of M Johnson, B Noble and B Hopkins ably supported by Deryn Dickie

Congratulations to Ernie Scase of Riverside who was presented with a 75 games played flash

Our last fixture of 2018 is against London Scottish BA at Chawton Park IBC on Sunday 16 December at 2pm

05 December 2018

The Mixed Pairs Competition draw has been added to the Competition tab

24 November 2018

Success at Home Counties Indoor Bowls Association Finals

Congratulations to Hampshire in the shape of the Loddon Vale rink of Duncan Rogers, Jeff White, Steve Shaw and Trevor Morgan won the Fours final. This is the first success that a Hampshire team has had at any finals. The final was played against the Hertfordshire rink and after 9 ends the sides were tied at 5 shots all. Hampshire then won the next seven ends before Herts got a shot and gave up an end later with a final score of 23 – 6

The other finals results can be found on the Home Counties IBA website.

20 November 2018

In the second round of the National Over 60’s Inter County competition we faced Sussex today but we were defeated by 112 shots to 127 to end our participation for this year

14 November 2018

Hampshire entertained Sussex this afternoon at Victory IBC.This fixture is always tough match for Hampshire as Sussex field experienced players but this year we had a great win by 125 shots to 93 - well done to all who played

Our Top Rink, with a score of 29 - 12, was Victory’s Graham Clark, Steve Cowdrey, Dave Surman and Reid Wilcockson

President Bill Jackson had a busy afternoon awarding badges with Colts badges to Martin Wells of Loddon Vale and Dennis Wren of Palmerston as well as County badges to Dave Lee Rehorn of Banister Park together with Steve Cowdrey and Dave Surman, both of Victory. Brian Hopkins of Victory and Jeff Passmore of Palmerston were also awarded their 25 game flash

The next County fixture is the Victory 50th Anniversary match on Saturday 24 November

12 November 2018

We have just heard the shock news that Alan Turvey passed away this morning. Alan served the County as Secretary for several years and was President of both HIBA in 2000/1 and EIBA in 2006/7

He also worked tirelessly as Chairman of the Old Basing outdoor club and he will be greatly missed by many and our thoughts are with his family at this sad time

The funeral will be held at St. Mary’s Church, Old Basing at 1pm on Thursday 29 November

11 November 2018

Atherley Patrons had a runaway start to our match today leading by 29 shots at the halfway stage but the Patrons fought hard to end the day just 9 shots behind. It was a count back for the highest winning rink between Banister Park and Victory with Victory just pipping Banister Park

Many thanks to all those that donated items for the raffle, so far in three matches we have raised £149.00 for the County

10 November 2018

The first Bramley Bowl League table has been uploaded

04 November 2018

Hampshire travelled to Moonfleet IBC in Weymouth to play Dorset for the Don Gough Trophy today

Dorset and Hampshire play for this trophy on the same weekend every year at the same venue so it is a competitive affair but always played in good spirit

This year Hampshire had a convincing win by 134 shots to 109 and well done to all who took part which now gives us a fixture tally of 3 wins to 2

Hampshire’s top rink, with a score of 41 shots to 18, was Martin Johnson, Terry Gormely and Jeff Passmore from Palmerston and ably skipped by Arthur Newland from Victory

It was great to see new players joining the teams and Colts badges were presented to Jason Smith from Atherley and Kevin Goode from Palmerston

The next friendly is against Sussex at Victory IBC on Wednesday 14 November at 2.00pm
27 October 2018

The Patrons had an enjoyable day in good company at Loddon Vale today as the home team made us feel welcome allowing us to have a good win overall winning on 4 rinks. The highest winning rink was Banister Park just edging out the other high winning rink of Palmerston by two shots on the last end

Thanks to the generous raffle donations by members we have raised £101 in two matches so far this season. If you have any raffle items that you are willing to donate these will be very welcome

23 October 2018

In the first round of the National Over 60’s Inter County competition we faced Berkshire today and defeated them by 116 shots to 87 to set up a second round tie against Sussex on Tuesday 20 November

18 October 2018

HIBA played Surrey IBA at Wey Valley IBC today. Surrey fielded many of their O60 National County Players and although the score in the early part of the match was 32 shots each, they ran out worthy winners beating us by 55 shots (146-91)

We had two winning rinks - Atherley and Palmerston, who both won by 1 shot, but as Palmerston scored on 11 ends -  2 ends more than Atherley, Bill Noble, Martin johnson, Jeff Passmore and Dave Heather were awarded the top rink prize

Colts badges were awarded to Geoff Topp - Chawton Park, Charlie Pearson - Rushmoor, Dave Lawson - Atherley County Badges were awarded to Bill Noble and Martin Johnson - Palmerston and Maurice Saunders - Loddon Vale

The next match will be on 4 November v Dorset at Moonfleet IBC

06 October 2018

Hampshire Patrons faced a very strong team from Chawton Park IBC today and at the halfway stage Chawton had 71 shots to the Patrons 63. Despite a slow start the winning rink for the Patrons of Tony Jennings, Bill Noble, Martin Johnson and Neil Roderick did well to come back from 2-12 after 9 ends to end up winning 25-14 to help seal a win for the Patrons by 1 shot at 121-120

Our next match is on the 21 October at Loddon Vale IBC

07 September 2018

As part of our commitment to protect the privacy of our bowlers we have introduced a note to explain what personal data we hold and how we use it as well as make you aware of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Privacy Policy note can be found via a tab on the home page of the website