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25 March 2023

County Final’s Day

This year’s finals had a spread of new faces and younger faces and the winners were well spread out as nobody won two events

In the morning session there were some fine but unsuccessful comebacks which made for exciting watching from a welcome crowd of spectators. In the Under 25 Singles Reece Graham was 15-4 down after 13 ends and managed to get ahead at 18-17 after 24 ends. Dan Kasper found the strength to pull himself together and secure the win over the last 3 ends to win 21-18

We had a similar story in the Men’s Pairs when Leigh Allen and Adam Clark stormed off to be leading 13-2 after 10 ends. Although Mike Leeson and Colin Thresher were 5 down playing the last end, they still had hope when Mike was holding four good shots after his deliveries. It was still looking good for Victory until Adam closed the door by placing a bowl in the centre of the head. Adam retained the pairs title with his new partner, Leigh 16-13

We had some young lads from Banister Park, Liam and Charlie May, Dan Cookman and Luke Bell, who played with determination and enthusiasm to beat an established Victory team of Dave Watts, Phil Drewball, Paul Lawrence and John Biggs. The match was close at 10 all after 11 ends, but the young lads were leaping around and high fiving when they scored a five and two threes to run out winners 21-12

The afternoon session was a bit more sedate when in each case the winners pulled away for convincing wins. The same young lads from Banister, Liam May, Charlie May and Luke Bell ran out of enthusiasm when the experienced trio of Mike Leeson, Barry Starks and Colin Thresher won 17-6

The Over 60 Triples team from Chawton Park were competing well up to 10 all after 9 ends, but Loddon Vale trio of Gary Taylor, Jeff White and Geoff Green then scored heavily to win 22-12

In the mixed pairs, Derek Healy and Kath Patrick had a glimmer of hope when after 10 ends they were only four shots behind, but Gary and Alice Lovett then applied some pressure and won the match 18-9

Kevin Smith of Atherley stamped his authority on the Singles match against Pete Cummins of Banister Park by winning the first five ends. He continued to dominate and became the 2023 Hampshire Singles Champion with a score of 22-9

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for putting on a good show of bowling and thanks to the spectators and supporters for attending the event

Bill Jackson

Competition Secretary

18 March 2023

Trisham Trophy

In the final league match of the season, Palmerston had the chance to clinch the Trisham Trophy if they won all 10 points in the match oday against Victory. In the end they fell just short, winning by 99 shots to 69 and 9 points to 1. This left them level with Chawton Park, both on 44.5 points, but with a slightly worse shot difference of 63 against 75 so congratulations to Chawton Park who finish the season in second place behind Loddon Vale

12 March 2023

Under 25 Inter-County

After a very close game yesterday against Suffolk at Bromley IBC in the semi final we lost on the last wood of the last end losing 33 - 34

Dan Cookman 17 - 17

Ashley Nethercliff 16 - 17

11 March 2023

Bramley Bowl

Congratulations to Loddon Vale who have won the Bramley Bowl

Palmerston need maximum points in their final match next Saturday to pass Chawton Park for the Trisham Trophy

County Final’s Day

Congratulations to all finalists who have won through to Final’s Day which will be held at Palmerston on Saturday 25 March. Catering will be available

In the morning trial ends will start at 9.45am

Under 25 Singles

Men’s Pairs

Men’s Fours

In the afternoon trial ends will start at 2.00pm

Men’s Singles

Men’s Trilples

Mixed Pairs

Over 60 Triples

Umpire - Brian Knight

12 February 2023

Under 25 Inter County Team

A great win yesterday for Under 25 Team against Dorset in the quarter final as we won by a single shot by 38 - 37. In the semi final on Sunday 12 March we face Suffolk and the match will be at a  neutral green  

10 February 2023


Bill Lucas-Brown has resigned as President with immediate effect as he is, and has been, unable to fulfill the duties of the role. Senior Deputy President, John Kellow, will take over for the rest of the season

23 January 2023


The EBYDS School of Excellence Invitation Singles will take place at Banister Park IBC on Sunday 12 February

12 January 2023

County Championships and Competitions

The County Championship and Competition draws have been uploaded

18 December 2022

Under 25 Inter County Team

A very good win today for our Under 25 Team against Wiltshire, winning by 61 shots to 25. In the next round we play Dorset on Sunday 12 February 2023

17 December 2022

Liberty Trophy

This morning we faced Berkshire in the first round of the Liberty Trophy at Whiteknights IBC but unfortunately were defeated by 123 shots to 133

13 December 2022

International Junior Teams

Following the International Trials, congratulations to Ashley Nethercliffe and Reece Graham, both of Chawton Park, who have been selected for the England Under 25 and England Under 18 Teams respectively

22 November 2022

Over 60 Team

We played Surrey this morning in the second round of the Over 60 and despite winning on two rinks at home in the early stages we were losing at Egham to give Surrey a big lead. At the half way point the lead was over 40 shots and despite a good comeback in the second half of the match we were defeated overall by 99 shots to 120

19 October 2022

Over 60 Team

Hampshire kicked off their over 60 campaign against a tough first round game against Sussex, although Hampshire were never behind in the game the scores were close throughout and could have gone either way but the Hampshire youngsters dug deep and their high level of experience proved significant. A great win now means we face Surrey in the next round

Rink scores -

5 ends

M. Barrett 3 - 5 T. Longan

B. Starks 3 - 3 J. Godfrey

B. Barber 3 - 3 A. Wainwright

G. Robinson 6 - 2 R. Steele

C. Thresher 4 - 2 J. Frew

G. Green 5 - 3 A. Smallbridge

10 ends

M. Barrett 6 - 13 T. Longan

B. Starks 6 - 10 J. Godfrey

B. Barber 12 - 3 A. Wainwright

G. Robinson 12 - 3 R. Steele

C. Thresher 11 - 5 J. Frew

G. Green 11 - 9 A. Smallbridge

15 ends

M. Barrett 11 - 13 T. Longan

B. Starks 10 - 19 J. Godfrey

B. Barber 14 - 9 A. Wainwright

G. Robinson 21 - 7 R. Steele

C. Thresher 13 - 10 J. Frew

G. Green 12 - 13 A. Smallbridge

18 ends

M. Barrett 13 - 17 T. Longan

B. Starks 10 - 22 J. Godfrey

B. Barber 18 - 12 A. Wainwright

G. Robinson 25 - 9 R. Steele

C. Thresher 16 - 11 J. Frew

G. Green 15 - 15 A. Smallbridge

21 ends

M. Barrett 22 - 18 T. Longan

B. Starks 12 - 23 J. Godfrey

B. Barber 22 - 13 A. Wainwright

G. Robinson 29 - 10 R. Steele

C. Thresher 18 - 12 J. Frew

G. Green 18 - 18 A. Smallbridge

Overall scores

5 ends 24-19 up

10 ends 58-43 up

15 ends 81-73 up

18 ends 97-86 up

21 ends 121-94 won

19 October 2022

Over 60 Team

The players selected for the first tie for our Over 60 team on 28 October has been added to the website

20 September 2022

County Trials

The details of the players selected for the County Trials on 10 October can be found on the Liberty Trophy and Over 60 pages

Over 60 Team

The players selected for the first tie for our Over 60 team on 28 October has been added to the website

20 September 2022

County Trials

The details of the players selected for the County Trials on 10 October can be found on the Liberty Trophy and Over 60 pages