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19 January 2022

County Friendly v Hampshire Ladies

The Ladies were again comfortable winners by 124 shots to 101. The top rink for the men was Dave-Lee Rehorn, Andy Sharplin, Mel Doling and Captain of the Day, Bill Jackson

Colts badges were awarded to Graham Sampson, Chawton Park and Hugh Coulter, Riverside. A County badge was presented to Kevin Goode, Palmerston. Congratulations to Jeff Passmore of Palmerston on reaching 50 games for the County, for which he received his flash

15 January 2022

Liberty Trophy v Berkshire

Saturday 15th January saw Hampshire travel away to Berkshire for the first round of the Liberty Trophy, with both counties having to make 4 to 5 changes from original team selected

End 1, Hampshire immediately put the foot on the gas with the overall score being 10-1 up. The overall score continued to grow up until 10 ends with a 32 shot lead, a fantastic position to be in against a very strong experienced team. Hampshire men were in full swing, excellent bowling, adrenaline sky high, confidence through the roof and electrifying encouragement across the rinks

Then the Berkshire team found another gear, however Hampshire managed to compete with this comeback effort and kept the losing ends to a minimum number of shots (bar 1 count of 7). At 15 ends Hampshire had a good 20 shot lead knowing that every end won from now on was 2 more shots Berkshire would need and the Hampshire men played out the remaining ends very professionally (bar 1 wrong bias, and no it wasn’t Gary Starks!!!)

Hampshire enjoyed a 115-100 shot win and now face another strong away game against Surrey in the next round. Date tbc

Rink and overall scores are as follows -

Gary Starks 10-27 lost

Stuart Rowney 16-12 won

Nathan Beeson 23-12 won

Adam White 24-12 won

Barry Starks 22-25 lost

Martyn Wise 20-12 won

5 ends 30-16 up

10 ends 67-35 up

15 ends 88-68 up

18 ends 103-84 up

21 ends 115-100 Win

Congratulations to all involved

14 January 2022

County Competitions

The draws for all 2021 - 2022 competitions have been added to the website

09 January 2022

County Friendly v Berkshire

Congratulations to our only winning rink from Loddon Vale, Martin Mason, Steve Pusey, Andy Janes and Alan Smith. Their success was achieved in a defeat by 158 shots to 85. County Badges were awarded to Steve Saunders of Atherley and Dennis Wren from Palmerston. Colts Badges were given to Martin Mason, Loddon Vale and to Steve Wiggins and John Martin from Chawton Park

16 December 2021

Match Postponements - Liberty Trophy and County Friendly

This Saturday’s Liberty Trophy match at Whiteknights IBC against Berkshire has been postponed until Saturday 15 January 2022 and in addition the County Friendly against London Scottish on Sunday has been cancelled

15 December 2021

Under 25 Inter County

Our Under 25 team were due to play Wiltshire in the first round of the Inter County on Sunday but they cannot field a team and have therefore conceded. We will now play the winners of Devon or Somerset in the quarter final on Sunday 13 February

12 December 2021

County Friendly v Somerset

Our visit to Taunton Deane ended in defeat by 12 shots, (125 - 137). The game had many swings in shot difference with us leading at the start only to go to trail by 24 at the half way stage. This was reduced to a deficit of 10 shots only to be extended to a 30 shot advantage to Somerset before being reduced again at the end

Our top rink of Wayne Stewart, Tony Jennings, Neil Roderick and Derek Fulker won 40 - 19, in spite of dropping 5 shots on the first end and 2 on the last. Congratulations to Brian Hopkins of Palmerston, on being awarded his 50 game flash. Colts badges were awarded to Richard Silcock and Stan Adams of New Milton and to Mario Spring of Atherley

Thank you to all players who took part in this match

02 December 2021

Mixed Pairs Competition

The draw for the 2021 - 2022 Mixed Pairs competition has been added to the website

30 November 2021

Covid Update

With the Government issuing new guidance due to the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 from today, please click here to advise you on how these affect the sport of Indoor Bowls

28 November 2021

County Friendly v Dorset

Hampshire met Dorset for the second time in a month and again lost a close encounter by the narrow margin of 7 shots. At the half way stage Hampshire led by 21 shots. The top rink on the day from Victory, Graham Clark, Bob Andrews, Reid Wilkinson and Steve Townsley won 29 – 14. Congratulation to Bob Curtis, East Dorset, who received his 25 game flash

County badges were awarded by Officer of the day Derrick Fulker, to David Lawson of Atherley and Derek Faulker of East Dorset. Colts badges were presented to Colin James and Steve Saunders from Atherley, Barry Lash from New Milton, D Morrison and Derek Faulker from East Dorset

23 November 2021

Over 60 Inter County v Somerset

Hampshire faced a strong side from Somerset in the first round, early stages the away rinks had a tough battle on their hands but managing to keep the scores tight and this continued throughout the whole game which proved to be very crucial at the final stages. The home rinks proved to be a little stronger than the opposition by knowing the carpet backed up with some excellent bowls, however Hampshire did struggle with 1 rink going down on the day with the other 2 rinks sealing the overall score

I am very proud of the whole squad we have and look forward to the quarter final clash against Devon. Just a reminder to all trialists that you are the squad and due to players performance/health/form etc you may be called upon at anytime. You are all as good as each other and look forward to continuing this great journey with all of you

Final scores -

G. Robinson 21-12 won

C. Thresher 26-15 won

P. Ward 13-26 lost

M. Barrett 16-11 won

S. Rice 15-18 lost

B. Starks 17-20 lost

Hampshire won 108 - 102

Adam White
Team Manager

31 October 2021

County Friendly v Dorset

The first County fixture of the season away at Moonfleet ended in a two shot defeat to Dorset by 121 shots to 123. The County were always behind. At 15 ends the deficit was 17 shots but we got it back to level after 19 ends only to lose the last two ends 10 shots to 8

In his speech Captain of the day, John Kellow, explained that this would have been Bob Dickie's first game in charge as President, having for many years been an excellent Patrons and Match Secretary. John said that he had been pleasantly surprised when 4 years ago Bob had agreed to become Junior Deputy President in view of his reluctance to make introductions and speeches always finding others to speak for him. All top rink prizes have been provided by Bob Dickie and the Executive had agreed that he was to remain our President for this season

Congratulations to our top rink came from Atherley, Martin Thorpe, David Lawson, David Murray and Jim Farmer who won 32 - 17. We had one other rink winning and one drawing. A County badge was awarded to Dennis Guy from Chawton Park. Tony Miller, Loddon Vale received his 25 game flash and colts badges were awarded to Martin Thorpe, Atherley, Danny Collins, Palmerston and Steve Pusey, Loddon Vale

17 October 2021

Bramley League

Please note that regrettably due to lack of players, both Five Rivers and East Dorset have withdrawn from the Bramley Bowl League for the current season

04 October 2021

County Friendly v Surrey

The first County Friendly of the season against Surrey has had to be cancelled due to a lack of players. Its has been rearranged for Wednesday 2 March 2022

25 September 2021


The County Fours Final which was postponed from March 2020 due to Covid restrictions was at last played on today at Palmerston

The finalists were:

Keith Williams, Ken Prior, Chris Prior and Brian Dibdin - Banister Park IBC

Charlie Bailey, Trevor Bailey, Colin Thresher and Barry Starks - Victory IBC

The match was very close after 10 ends, when the Banister team was leading by a single shot, but with a 3 and a 4 scored in the following three ends, they edged ahead and eventually won by 9 shots, with Victory conceding after the sixteenth end

13 September 2021

County Trials

The details of the players selected for the County Trials on 2 October can be found via this link

09 September 2021


The Postponed County Finals for 2019 - 2020 season were played at Palmerston on 26 September 2020, with the exception of the Fours. The Fours postponed Final will be played at Palmerston at 2.00pm on Saturday 25 September 2021

There were no competitions played in the 2020 - 2021 season due to Covid restrictions

HIBA Competition Entries from clubs for the 2021 - 2022 season should be submitted to the Competition Secretary on or before Monday 10 January. The County Finals will be played at Victory IBC on 26 March 2022

The Competition Rues have been updated with effect from September 2021